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February 13, 2008



Happy to see you back at blogging. Welcome to your new era. c


We sell Edmund St. John's 01 Syrah where I work, and it's pretty fantastic, although sometimes misunderstood. Already at it's vintage it has developed coffee, caramelized meat, smoky flavors, for example, not fully explored in it's youth. But often our customers are turned off by the sediment left around the bottle neck, or the softening of the fruit flavors. I'm so glad you enjoyed his wine aged with food. And I bet it was beautiful with the burger. Ah.... mourvedre....

Joe M.

Dogfish Head - now that makes me nostalgic for Delaware's overpopulated, polluted, god awful 40 or so miles of shoreline. Good beer though, and always a fun place to hang out, listen to, or perform music.

Joel McCarthy was a fan of Italian licorice candies?? Who knew?

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